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Digital Debut of Mbr 2021

We adopted a novel approach by focusing on niche B2B online marketing, and a micro moments-based account-based marketing tactic which casts a wider net to target more potential investors online while providing an improved engagement experience. By studying their online behaviours and micro moments, we were able to create a hyper personalised content experience that was contextual to the various stages of the user in their oil & gas journey.

MAS Holdings

Establishing a global presence digitally

  • Content marketing, persona targeting

  • Increased engagement, lead generation

  • Owned Media, Facebook, LinkedIn


Change-ready: from traditional brick & mortar to digital

  • B2C marketing strategy and E-Commerce strategy

  • E-Commerce conversion funnel

  • Owned Media, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin


High networth B2B lead generation

  • B2B Lead generation

  • Defining the inbound marketing funnel

  • Linkedin, Google SEM


Use of a hybrid strategy to engage with core audience

  • Increased engagement

  • brand awareness

  • lead generation


Positioning corporate branding digitally whilst driving the sales pipeline

  • Corporate branding

  • customer relationship

  • lead generation


Increase user engagement with mobile responsive EDM development

  • EDM development

  • Awareness & Engagement

  • Mobile responsive


Brand messaging in a value market

  • Conversion based ads

  • Digital revenue

  • Google search ads, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp for business

Melbourne Polytechnic

Education marketing and lead generation in the APAC region

  • Increased engagement

  • brand awareness

  • lead generation

MillenniumIT ESP

B2B digital marketing strategy

  • Increased engagement

  • brand awareness

  • lead generation


Microsite development

  • Website development

  • Awareness

  • Microsite


Effective campaign strategy

  • Persona targeting / Precision targeting

  • Demand generation

  • SEM, GDN, Facebook, YouTube

Zuellig Pharma

Creating awareness and increased engagement through digital

  • Proxy Marketing

  • Creating A GTM Channel For Pharma Marketing

  • Owned Media, SEM, EDM


An omnichannel approach to digital

  • Content Marketing

  • Increased engagement with target audiences

  • Owned Media, Linkedin, YouTube