MAS Holdings

Establishing a global presence digitally


MAS Holdings is one of South Asia’s largest apparel manufacturers with a global presence in 15 countries. Their requirement was to establish their presence digitally in regions where MAS manufacturing facilities were already operational.


Our aim was to create a stronger global presence on social media for MAS business units overseas by creating awareness and visibility of their diverse offerings, culture, values and capabilities. We developed a global social media strategy that focused on the inherent strengths of the organisation and the unique attributes of the respective countries.

Further Enfection engaged in developing content and distribution that focuses on engaging employees with the objective of driving excitement around the new Purpose Statement, Vision, Mission and Values, to be shared with the Top Management of MAS. The creative concept was based on the theme of the changemaker culture of MAS, thereby creating ownership and pride in the organisation.

For the first time MAS focused on a digital first approach to recruitment where they looked at not only Sri Lanka but also at recruiting from a global talent pool. Enection spearheaded the first-ever global digital recruitment campaign for the MAS Management Trainee programme, seeking applicants from eight countries. The campaign included content and promotion as well as the back-end application processing with an application management system. The message that we focused on communicating was that MAS is a company that drives change, and the selected candidates will be able to work in an environment that will nurture their careers while allowing them to follow their dreams. Thus, becoming a Changemaker. The campaign was run for three weeks globally.

In this manner, we have been able to digitally communicate the story and message of MAS globally.



Use case

Content marketing, persona targeting


Increased engagement, lead generation

Key product components

Owned Media, Facebook, LinkedIn