Effective campaign strategy


ResMed is a global company that provides medical devices that transform care for people with sleep apnea, COPD and other chronic diseases.


Our task was to implement a digital strategy that created awareness on sleep apnea. The campaigns were initially run on Facebook and Google’s Display Network to first encourage people to do the sleep test to determine whether they were at risk of having sleep apnea or not.

Once we created awareness on sleep apnea we launched a lead generation campaign where people could fill a form and register for a sleep test. The campaign focused on the sleep test quiz, where a person would be asked a few questions where they would be provided with a diagnosis before then being remarketed to and introduced to a range of sleep masks.

We focused on generating leads that would result in conversions. As customers would be required to purchase the device for sleep apnea they were directed to the ResMed e-commerce site.


Our main focus is on campaign strategy and execution to generate leads and conversions.



Use case

Persona targeting / Precision targeting


Demand generation

Key product components

SEM, GDN, Facebook, YouTube