An omnichannel approach to digital


Hatton National Bank (HNB) is a well-respected private sector commercial bank operating in Sri Lanka with 251 branches spread across the island.


Though a large bank with an extensive reach, HNB did not have a strong Linkedin and YouTube presence. Our strategy was to introduce an omnichannel approach so that HNB could benefit from the different social media channels that target various segments of the bank’s customer base.

Our mandate for Linkedin was to attract professional and high net worth individuals toward the various products and services that the Bank had to offer with an emphasis on corporate branding, which led to increased engagement and conversions; Facebook placed emphasis on day-to-day content relating to HNB’s product portfolio while YouTube was identified to encourage engagement through entertainment, news and education. Content routes such as redefining traditional perceptions on various financial products such as gold loans using influencers and combining with entertainment have been adopted.


The content marketing strategy has created greater engagement and thereby results with their target audiences.



Use case

Content Marketing


Increased engagement with target audiences

Key product components

Owned Media, Linkedin, YouTube