Enfection is the Home of Performance Marketing.

Digital is in our DNA.
We learnt UTM before ABC.

We Solve for Marketers

The beginning

We started our journey in 2017 with the aim of providing comprehensive marketing solutions to our customers. We are not merely a service provider, but we partner with brands so that we achieve meaningful progress. We believe we can do things differently and Enfection was born to provide true virality to the marketing fraternity.

Continuously Evolving

With experience spanning across diverse industries, we believe we bring value to our customers. We are innovative and forward thinking in our approach, and our solutions go beyond digital. We are continuously learning and we share our knowledge with the world.

Global Outlook

We provide world-class solutions and services, which maximises on existing opportunities while also seeking for new avenues that would essentially enable growth and business transformation.

Originating from Sri Lanka, we are present in Malaysia, Singapore, UK and we are focusing on further expansion into the EU and ANZ.

We mine opportunities for brands
through data-driven insights.

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We understand that every brand faces unique challenges, it is for this reason that all our solutions are customised. We are data-driven, therefore we solve identified problems. We ensure progress that is meaningful and elevates the brands of our clients.


Our unique digital marketing strategies are research based and data-driven. We provide insights on the actual scenarios as well as future opportunities. We focus on the customer’s journey and identify the strategic routes and channels that will give our clients and their brands the best results. We adopt a holistic approach to digital and provide bespoke integrated solutions to our clients.


Creative content is developed by identifying the required target audience, and their requirements through research based insights. We provide a creative mix of content that attracts the target audience as well as generate leads, and conversions. Our expertise in technology allows us to provide gamified and interactive content, which spices up the content strategy, while also increasing engagement with target audiences. We adopt an out-of-the-box approach that ranges from day-to-day content to videos, jingles, filters and much more. We are pushing boundaries because content is fast and reactive. We have challenged the norm.


Our team of SEO specialists are capable of customising an SEO campaign that is specifically designed to suit your unique business. Our SEO specialists can improve the quality and quantity of SEO traffic to your website and our services help improve your bottom-line by driving increases in traffic into revenue


Our team of carefully curated designers have produced a marvellous range of award-winning creatives. Whether you are interested in TVC’s, short videos, static visuals, webpage designs, or content for your social media, our team of designers are able to craft even the most challenging brief into reality. Entrust us with your design projects and witness inspiring and thought-provoking visuals that test boundaries and visualise out of the box thinking.

Campaign Management

Our team of analysts and campaign specialists drive performance. They provide realistic goals that can be achieved within your budget to generate leads and conversions. We give our customers the confidence that they will see results for what they spend. We are always on top of the game, identifying opportunities and optimising as required to generate the best performance for our clients.


Our technology offerings include proprietary martech products that enable our clients to achieve their marketing goals. Our experts focus on developing technology that will generate leads, conversions and enhance the customer experience. We have introduced products such as e-Learner, Lead Magnet, Campaign Visualiser, Social Spy and Conversion Optimizer to the marketing fraternity.



Our expert web developers are highly trained to optimise your website to produce better results for a range of objectives. Entrust our team in helping you improve your conversion rate optimisation to enhance your brand’s online visibility and increase your businesses’ overall revenue. Our CRO tools help optimise conversions that generate quality leads and increase your ROI.

Predictive Marketing

Our analysts are well versed in predictive marketing. They are seasoned marketers that can conduct extensive data mining and analyse past and present data trends to provide you with an array of carefully thought-out marketing strategies for the future. Allow our team to use big data to develop detailed and accurate forecasts of future customer behaviour that will place your brand at the forefront of its respective industry.

Digital Reputation Management

Enfluence, is a specialised service provided by Enfection, focusing on digital reputation management. We track social media platforms for mentions and conversations about your brand and business. Enfluence services include social listening, responding and strategy & analytics. We are different from other service providers because we use automated listening plus the services of a social listening expert to provide our clients with the most relevant information and analysis.

Web Development

From web design to development, deployment and support, we provide the full gamut of web solutions. Our experts ensure seamless and effective UX/UI, site architecture and functionality so that they are people-inspired. Scalability, project management and QA are included in our service offerings. We provide technology and platform development such as learning platforms, self-diagnosis tools and much more.

Online PR

While we know the importance of public relations in daily life, we also understand the significance of your online PR. Our team of PR experts are able to monitor and track digital conversations to help you curate the brand image you desire. Allow our team to tackle and handle difficult online brand personas to help improve online sentiments regarding your brand.


We provide comprehensive digital marketing strategies that include display marketing, which will increase brand awareness and reach through carefully placed promotional online assets.

Social Media

Our marketers are young, tech-savvy individuals with globally accredited certifications that help you produce cohesive social media marketing strategies and plans that engage your online audience. An active social media presence acts as a business card for your brand in today’s modern world. Allow our team to curate your social media feed to match your brand ethos and provide valuable content that drives results and improves brand visibility. Our team of marketers are proficient in multiple social media channels and can tailor strategies for any platform.

TV Commercials

We develop creative concepts and strategies for TVCs as well as plan and do the production of the TVC to promote and communicate the brand message in the most effective way. Our services also include selection of suitable personalities for the TVC, location, jingle creation and much more.

Commercial Photography

We provide specialised commercial photography that includes food, fashion, product, lifestyle, profiles and much more. Through our photography services we ensure that your product, brand and/or service are highlighted through creative angles, styling and settings.

We understand that every brand faces unique challenges, it is for this reason that all our solutions are customised. We are data-driven, therefore we solve identified problems. We ensure progress that is meaningful and elevates the brands of our clients.

API for Growth Partners

We adopt a global outlook, from developing strategies and campaigns to implementation. We believe in being part of the marketing ecosystem and supporting upstream and downstream marketing partners. We place emphasis on nurturing a collaborative ecosystem and being an API for partner growth.

Sean Sim

Chief Executive Officer

McCann Worldgroup Malaysia

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