Brand messaging in a value market


Rocell is a high-end tile & bathware manufacturer and design solutions provider in Sri Lanka. Our aim was to encourage consumers to engage with the Rocell brand, and develop a digital strategy that capitalized on the target audiences’ desire for ‘design inspiration’.


The biggest challenge was to draw attention to Rocell’s range of products, to inspire customers to make a purchase and lead them to Rocell’s site. Following our findings through data analysis and research, we leveraged on a combination of the RACE Framework and micro-moments thereby changing the game for Rocell. We projected the value proposition offered by Rocell, while highlighting its quality, design elegance and reputation. We communicated that Rocell provided the products that could make you realise your design dreams, where world-class masterpieces were offered in Sri Lanka.

Our content strategy was specially curated to capture the target audiences’ attention on various channels, as well as include blogs and design tips on the Rocell website to provide design inspiration to the customers. The digital marketing strategy takes a holistic approach in communicating the brand values of Rocell.


A highlight of our campaigns is that we were able to monetise Pinterest, which was a first in Sri Lanka, thereby driving increased traffic to the Rocell website, which resulted in greater conversions.

Case study on monetising pinterest for Rocell


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