Use of a hybrid strategy to engage with core audience


ACCA Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan chapter of the global body for professional accountants. As their digital partner we focus on narrating the ACCA global story while providing localised insights.


Through our brand strategy we focus on highlighting the benefits and success stories of becoming a ACCA qualified professional. We feature key stakeholders from the private and public sectors to create interest and encourage people to obtain the qualification. Our approach also includes creating a lead pipeline of school (O’ Level and A’ Level) and university students to be associated with ACCA, so that it is at the top of their mind when seeking professional qualifications. 

We introduced a gamified competitions for both university and school children with the objective of sharing knowledge, developing soft skills as well as nurturing interest in them to become finance professionals. ACCA FinHack is a digital platform based competition for university students, where teams from both Government and private universities would work to develop intelligent solutions to case studies presented to them on managing and overcoming the current challenges that have arisen in the finance industry. Escape the Challenge is a competition for school children (Advanced Level students). The aim was to engage with school children so that their skills are developed in solving real-life problems and also to make them aware of possible career paths as finance professionals. Even during the pandemic we were able to continue with the competition by holding the two competitions online.


Increased brand awareness and engagement with ACCA as well as highlighting the benefits of being in the profession. Positioning the ACCA and profession through our curated storytelling approach. We were able to use digital and offline strategies to engage with the core audiences as stakeholders to position ACCA as one of the most prominent accounting qualifications in Sri Lanka.



Use case

Content marketing, gamification and events


Increased engagement, brand awareness and lead generation

Key product components

Owned media, social media