Monetising pinterest

Monetising pinterest

How to FINALLY monetize your Pinterest Account.

First things first! You need to make a business plan and account on Pinterest. You can also convert a personal Pinterest account into a business account if need be. The next step is to research your products and to research them WELL. If you’re in the tile business, for example, like Rocell, the business we’ll be using as a case study today,  you need to know your tiling products inside out. It’s key to being able to create product rich pins. Researching and knowing the micro moments of your buyer well are also incredibly important on your journey to monetizing Pinterest. (We will do another article on understanding and quantifying micro-moments soon) When we analysed the micro-moments of a typical ‘tile buyer’, we realised that they were looking for inspiration, whether it was tile decor, bathware designs or ideas on how to place tiles. Hence why we started to explore Pinterest as a medium for the brand-  Rocell. 

Things to note when setting up your Pinterest account:

Creating a business account for Pinterest is very important. It is against Pinterest’s terms and conditions to use a personal account for business purposes; it also gives you critical access to unique analytics.

Such as your most popular pins, which will help you gauge your audience’s fundamental interests. Having a business account will also allow you to access advertising perks, rich pins and an array of other revenue-generating features. Now that you’ve done that, you need to include a link on your Pinterest page back to your website. This is important because it allows you to access your website analytics on Pinterest, so go ahead and claim your website! All it takes is uploading a bit of code to your website.

Product Rich Pins

Product rich pins are especially important if you sell products on your website. These rich pins are connected to your website and show current and relevant pricing of products available on your site. The best part about creating product rich pins is this: simply apply for rich pins and set it up ONCE, and Pinterest will automatically convert all your past and future product pins to rich pins forever! Furthermore, we add relevant titles, hashtags, and captions that match the product requirement on a brand execution level. This helps the user to find products they are searching for more easily.

Pin Optimisation

Pin optimization. How do you optimise pins for search, and how do you incorporate basic tenets of SEO into this? Well, firstly, you need to be doing a bit of keyword research and incorporating these keywords into your pin descriptions. A HUGE part of monetising on Pinterest is ensuring that your pins are actually searchable. If you want them to be popping up with relative ease on Google and Pinterest’s search engine, it’s essential to pay attention to keywords and hashtags too! This can lead to your content trending and performing better. Our client, Rocell, ensures pin optimisation by always being on top of their hashtag game and incorporating basic keywords into pin descriptions.

This graph showcases how Rocell started their Pinterest project with an in-depth research into hashtags in June and understood what people are looking for on the site regarding their brand. Hence, this is why this graph features massive organic growth over the following months. Basically, when you provide the content that the masses want, the masses are more likely to look into your content and engage with it.

Leading with Lead Magnets

Lastly, we come to creating pins for a lead magnet on your site. Pinterest is great to help you build a longer and stronger email list, which can eventually help you promote your paid offers. Once people are on your list, you have their email on record and can offer them a multitude of opportunities to build stronger connections AND conversions. In addition, you can lure people in with a potential freebie; it can be a whitepaper, a brochure or anything you can think of offering on your site. This is the essence of a lead magnet. Currently, for Rocell’s website, Pinterest is one of the highest organic traffic sources, leading from product inspiration posts to actual products on the Rocell site.

What our client, Rocell does is, they understand what product the Pinterest users are most interested in and focuses their content around that insight. These insights drive campaigns to generate revenue.

Most users want to be inspired. Understanding their inspirations through various micro-moments based data and combining that with amazing content that resonates with users will help you, in the long run, to engage with them more and eventually help them overcome their zero moment of truth, i.e. $$$ for the business.