8 Useful Tips to Follow When Producing a Video!

Quality and efficient video production takes a lot of effort. From setting up film equipment to dos and don’ts while filming, here are a few tips you can follow to make your video production journey a success!

Be professional

You are working in an industry that requires responsibility. Hence, it is essential to incorporate a professional value to your ideas, words and expressions. This approach is extremely beneficial when working on a production project.

Be quick

You should be able to perform the task assigned to you within the shortest possible time, as well as complete the task fully. 

For example:  if your task is to set up lighting, by performing it quickly and completely, it will make the task of your teammates easier and more productive.

Be quiet when the camera is rolling

When the director sets up the camera and starts recording, please make sure that absolute silence is maintained. Otherwise, this may cause problems in the post production and editing stages.

Avoid being in the shot

Very often, in the process of shooting a programme, more than a single camera can be used. This is because the same shot has to be taken from different angles. In this situation, as a member of the shooting crew, you should be careful not to be in the frame that is being shot. 

Avoid getting in the actor’s eyeline

Avoid being in front of the actor’s eyeline at all times. If you stand in front of the actor’s eyeline, when a dialogue scene is being filmed, it could be a distraction to the actor. This will have a negative impact on the actor’s performance. 

Obtain permission to touch equipment and other items on the set

Please avoid touching any equipment unless absolutely necessary. If you do so, it might cause changes in the position of this equipment, which will affect the scene that is being filmed. Even a slight change can lead to the wrong impression. For example, touching equipment such as lampshades, lights and tripods, and changing their positions could change the focus of the entire scene. A situation as such could alter the idea and impact of the scene.

Collect all necessary data

It is important to collect data from the members of the production crew. These members should inspect tracking markers and VFX data objects, if there are any, before the shooting begins. They should check whether these objects are systematically arranged and if they are in good working conditions. 

Protect equipment

This is a crucial point. After shooting the scenes, crew members should take responsibility for the safety of all equipment, such as cameras, memory cards, tripods, green screens and batteries. It will be useful for the crew to maintain notes on all equipment before the activity begins. This will enable them to check the safety of equipment once shooting is over.

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Written by: Dulaj Perera

Senior Executive – Design (Video)