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Keells Vine Ad

Keells Vine Ad

January 24th, 2020 by Editor

It is current practice to sell Christmas hampers both online and offline, mainly targeting corporates who buy hampers as gifts for their clientele and individuals for families and friends. Thinking in line of an interactive and an engaging piece of content, we proposed the idea of creating a “Vine Video” using a special camera as well as editing effects. This was the first time a local supermarket brand used this concept to promote a product.

We mined a micro-moment that worked well and resonated well with the corporate audience. Our vine video was targeting the extremely busy ‘office worker’ and showcased the option of saving time by ordering online through this novel approach.

We were able to generate 44,980 engagements, reach 127,424 individuals, and get 45,361 video views within the campaign period.