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HNB Assurance Supreme Health Benefit

HNB Assurance Supreme Health Benefit

January 23rd, 2020 by Editor

We recently executed a campaign for HNB Assurance, for their new product launch ‘Supreme Health Benefit’. Supreme Health Benefit facilitates the reimbursement or settlement of expenses incurred due to hospitalization of the Life Assured for a member of the family. The key feature of the product being Medical Reimbursement Benefits for overseas hospitalization and the Cashless Services for hospitalization within Sri Lanka.

The task was to create overall brand awareness and generate leads to the sales pipeline. We executed this campaign using visual and video content and also by developing a health age calculator where consumers were able to identify their health age based on their physical and mental condition, which in most cases differ from your chronological age. 

We utilized Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to execute this campaign and were able to reach more than 1M individuals with over 6M impressions, 200K+ video views, 50K + clicks and 400 leads to the pipeline within the campaign period.