HNB FinLit – Novel Idea

HNB FinLit – Novel Idea

Research has revealed to us a shocking discrepancy in our financial literacy rate in comparison to MEDC’s. Read on to find out what we did.

Sri Lanka has an impressive literacy rate of 92%. One of the highest print literacy rates in South Asia. However, our financial literacy rate is staggeringly low, averaging 35% in contrast to a 65% financial literacy rate in more advanced countries. Noted as the largest gap between print literacy and financial literacy within the region, solutions to bridge this gap and propel our nation forward were of the utmost importance. We did a campaign for HNB, a leading bank, based on these insights.

Aiming to educate the public on financial literacy and increasing basic financial awareness in the country were our main goals.

Thus, the FinLit campaign was born.

Executed creatively with simple, easy to understand language this campaign was featured through videos and other content streams. Taxes, for example, were broken down into different categories and linked back to Sri Lanka with important information on local tax changes.

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