Evolution of the Account Manager

Brands, organisations and even people are transforming themselves to be more learning based than functional. A decade ago, a traditional Account Manager in a typical sales team used to go meet clients and brief the internal teams to execute their requirements; basically a glorified mouthpiece! But over the years, with learning, being in the forefront of team culture, the role of the AM has also changed.

The digital explosion combined with the constant need to be updated and to learn, the role of an AM has and should change into being more of an advisor/marketer. Essentially the role has expanded into a much more wholistic one. A modern AM is expected to meet and build relationships with clients, provide insights and strategies for clients, work along with the production and design teams and be competent in digital marketing to develop and execute the right digital strategy.

In this day and age, a modern AM needs to invest sufficient time in learning skills and understanding new topics/technologies to recommend what’s best for their external clients and also push internal production teams to break boundaries. Furthermore, managing clients also extends to managing budgets. A modern AM also should be entreprenarial to a certain extent where they manage budgets, provide advice and also run campaigns and get involved in relevant upselling.