Amazon Brand Analytics

Amazon Brand Analytics

The latest feature on Amazon is known as Brand Analytics and it provides valuable information to Brand Owners so that they can make decisions based on actual data to improve their product range as well as their marketing and advertising strategies. Let’s take a look at what Amazon Brand Analytics is all about.

Here’s some key facts:

  • Amazon Brand Analytics is only available to sellers who own a brand.
  • The seller must be within the organization and responsible for selling the brand in the Amazon store.
  • If you have not been identified as a brand owner yet, you will not get access to Amazon Brand Analytics. 
  • Conversion and reporting are available specifically to sellers who participate in the Amazon Brand Registry program.
  • Brand Registry is only available to brand owners with a live trademark.

To identify yourself as a brand owner and gain access to Brand Analytics as well as your other brand-exclusive benefits, visit the Brand Benefit Eligibility page. If you continue to have issues with gaining access to Brand Analytics, contact Selling Partner Support.

The following details need to be provided once you log-in to Seller Central : 

Once you have completed the details, to proceed you need to provide the company registration number and business address. Thereafter apostcard will be sent to you for verification purposes.

What Is Amazon Brand Analytics?

  • Amazon Brand Analytics provides a Brand Registry for both Seller Central and Vendor Central.
  • This feature contains valuable information to empower brand owners to make  knowledgeable and tactical decisions about their product portfolio and marketing/advertising activities.
  • Brand Analytics provides a combination of brand-specific and Amazon focused data.
  • Amazon includes data on:
  • The most popular search terms
  • The most clicked product for each search term
  • Customer demographics
  • Customer behavior

How Do You Access Brand Analytics?

Brand Analytics will automatically appear on your Amazon account dashboard once you have registered with Brand Registry. 

On Vendor Central and Seller Central, Brand Analytics will appear under reports tab.

Brand Analytics provides the following features:

  1. Amazon Search Term Report
  2. Repeat Customer Behavior
  3. Market Basket Analysis
  4. Item Comparison & Alternate Purchase Behavior
  5. Demographics

Let us take an in-depth look at these features.

  1. Amazon Search Terms Report

The Amazon Search Terms report is a powerful tool to identify the following:

  • Additional keyword phrases
  • The popularity of specific search terms
  • The actual products that are ‘most clicked’ for each search term

This report is a powerful tool that can help you with your keyword research and also provide information on your competitors who are receiving the most first clicks on their page.

Sample :

2. Repeat Customer Behavior

Through this feature we can decide whether our advertising is driving unique customers or repeat customers to purchase our products.

3. Market Basket Analysis

Companies are usually curious about products that would potentially make good bundles.

This is exactly the function of Market Basket Analysis. This feature allows you to specifically see the types of products your customers are purchasing from you.

Through this analysis, if you see that customers are regularly buying a specific competitor’s product together with your product, this could be an opportunity for you to add a similar item to your own product portfolio.

Market Basket Analysis allows the opportunity for small brands to make decisions on their options to increase their overall product mix.

4. Item Comparison & Alternate Purchase Behavior

If customers look at your products on Amazon and then decide to purchase a competitor product, then there are conversion issues on your product pages. Once you have identified the issue you can improve your product portfolio. 

The Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior report will let you know of the top three products that the customer compared or purchased instead of yours. Furthermore, this report will provide specific data as a percentage on the frequency that your product is compared to the top three products. Such information will allow you to improve your listings by gaining insight into your direct competition.

5. Demographics

Brand Analytics provides access to demographic data on customers who have purchased your products.

You are able to view your customers,

  • Age
  • Approximate household income
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Marital status

Important to remember: Many Amazon customers share their account details with their spouse and/or children. It is advisable to take this into consideration when reviewing the data. Furthermore, if your brand is new to the Amazon platform or you are a relatively small brand, there may not be adequate data on a weekly or monthly level to populate customer demographics.

What is Amazon Attribution (Beta)?

Amazon Attribution is available for sellers on Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, and selected agencies that advertise products on Amazon.

This program will be important to you if you are driving external traffic to your Amazon page,

Amazon Attribution (Beta) allows you to track customers coming to your products from external sources/referrals such as Facebook ads. This is done throughtrackable links that are integrated into your external advertising efforts.

Now that you have gained insight into how Brand Analytics works, try it out because it is a great tool for you to improve your brand presence on Amazon.

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