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ACCA Escape the challenge – 2019

ACCA Escape the challenge – 2019

December 17th, 2019 by Editor

The campaign we would like to highlight this month is something we did with ACCA recently where we developed a gamified platform called  ‘Escape the Challenge’ that helped students to enhance their knowledge and skills on certain areas via MCQ’s, crossword puzzles and real problems that Sri Lanka is currently facing.   

The main goal of this game was to help students enhance some of their core skills when it comes to future employability. One of the key focus areas was to build up time management as well as creative thinking amongst youngsters.

ACCA carried out this competition throughout 15  days with the participation of 184 students from 46 schools and it was a roaring success.

Facebook was used as the main digital platform to promote this experience and team enfection helped ACCA to build the platform and to carry out the digital promotions.