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Elephant Jazz

Elephant Jazz

April 29th, 2020 by Editor

  •       Success Story: Elephant Jazz
  •       Industry: Wildlife Conservation
  •       Achievement: Website Development

Elephants are a Sri Lankan national treasure and have to be protected at all costs. Elephant Jazz was established to urgently improve conservation efforts of elephants in our country. Many animals are constant victims of abuse or accidental death due to habitat encroachment following development and urbanisation of a country, but elephants, in particular, are a threatened species. By supporting Elephant Jazz, you are taking steps to contribute to the betterment of wild elephants.

Our agency stepped in and developed a website for them. This website supports e-commerce activities and features blog posts, contact information and more details relevant to their cause. With a clean, appealing user interface, their conservation efforts were taken to the next level, reaching a previously untapped audience. The success of this project was based on the fact that Elephant Jazz could now sell merchandise and raise money for their cause from a dedicated platform.

Click here to check it out.