Using traditional digital to create a direct response

Invisalign is a company manufacturing clear, custom-made aligners for teeth. The name Invisalign derives from the two words invisible and align as the aligners are invisible.

It is important to create awareness of available products to capture potential customers and keep the existing clients updated on the brand and its products. EDMs are a traditional yet effective channel to reach existing and potential customers.


Email Marketing is a commonly used technique by many marketers around the world. At present, we see that receivers of various EDMs do not view these generic e-mailers they receive. Therefore, when sending out EDMs, it is important to ensure that the receiver gets an email which is personalized, creative and attractive so that they would open and view the e-mailer, thus creating increased CTR’s.


We created personalized HTML EDM experiences that helped deliver transmedia campaigns. These EDM’s were customized for each recipient and as it was responsive on any platform it could be viewed on any device. The success of this campaign was a result of the EDM being tailored and responsive on any platform.