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PLEDGING to make a difference

PLEDGING to make a difference

April 29th, 2020 by Editor

  •       Success Story: HNB Assurance Commitment Counter Campaign
  •       Industry: Insurance
  •       Achievement: Creation of Infographics and Unique Facebook Application

HNB is a local finance giant that has an active role in the insurance industry through HNB Assurance. HNB Assurance provides life insurance with excellent plans and is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in Sri Lanka.

Our agency undertook a campaign for HNB Assurance that saw local citizens pledge to prioritize their health and the safety of their loved ones. This campaign was executed in several steps, with the initial phase being the development of infographics in relation to statistics on health and safety which would lead them towards a pledge app on HNB Assurance’s Facebook page. Not only can they pledge for a healthier future and gain a free health check-up in the process, but they could also learn more about HNB Assurance and follow their social media accounts.

The infographics we created helped raise awareness regarding health and safety. The unique Facebook commitment application acted as a much-needed catalyst for change in user behavior. Thus, assisting this brand to achieve their final objective of educating their intended TG.


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