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High Networth Market Penetration

High Networth Market Penetration

April 29th, 2020 by Editor

  •       Success Story: HNB High Net Worth Market Penetration
  •       Industry: Banking and Finance
  •       Achievement: Lead Generation

HNB is a premier commercial banking corporation of the private sector in Sri Lanka with branches spread across the island. The bank is one of the top 1000 banks in the world and tasked us with driving high converted leads.

Our agency organized and executed a campaign on professional loans that generated numerous leads through LinkedIn. We specifically targeted professionals with a high net worth and upon completion of the campaign saw a lead conversion rate of 50%. In addition to this, we undertake various other lead generation campaigns for HNB via LinkedIn for a variety of their products: Home Loans, Credit Cards, SalarySmart and more.

Our proprietary targeting and tracking taxonomy along with specific LeadGen tools helped HNB produce the highest ‘converting’ lead generation mechanism for their sales pipeline. Furthermore, through a RACE and content pillar-based strategy, we plan on steadily increasing conversion rates of leads generated for this company in the future.