Toyota Lanka

Selling a bus on Facebook

Toyota Lanka is a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan, to be the sole distributor for Toyota vehicles in Sri Lanka. Going beyond automobile integrated services, Toyota actively engages in public awareness and engagement towards a better, safer, driving experience.


Sinhala and Tamil New Year is one of the major festival in the country. As it is important to create content which is relevant to your target demographic, many companies target this festival to promote their products and carry out their campaigns. As there are many players promoting their products, it is important to stand out and be unique.


With many enterprises promoting their products, it is important to create content that is unique and engaging. It is important to come up with innovative ideas that helps Toyota Lanka to stand out among all the other players in order to reach the customers and achieve the objective of the campaign successfully.


After recording various sounds, we used FL Studio to mix and edit the EDM. We contemplated on the idea of whether to use YouTube or Facebook or both but then given the fact that during the New Year users spend additional time on Facebook was the deciding factor to use the hosting platform for the video. The EDM was created purely using various ‘bus sounds’ created by our team and the video production was kept at basic quality levels to create ‘authenticity’ in the mindset of the user.