Helping growth hackers find customers

Stax is a strategic consulting firm focusing on high-impact assignments and delivering actionable results for management teams with market dynamics, customer insights and opportunities for growth, profit improvement and value creation.

Every company needs to reach out to new clients to accelerate growth. It is important to select the right technique is used to ensure that their target market is reached. The client had a need to reach family owned businesses to promote a product tailored for them. B2B lead generation becomes vital to achieve this objective.


As this is a campaign targeting a specific segment of potential clients, it is paramount to choose the right channels and create rich content as this is targeting a specific audience with an objective of to B2B lead generation.


As we were mainly focused on B2B lead generation, we selected a platform where we can reach our target audience successfully. Through a content based marketing campaign using LinkedIn, we managed to create a stable marketing funnel for the Stax family-owned business funnel and successfully create awareness about the ‘Stax pulse check’ specifically developed for this target audience.