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When BOTs ruled the Budget

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The annual government budget recital is an important yet long and tedious event that takes place every year. Regardless of the budget having a major impact on all citizens, not everyone has the time to listen to the entire budget recital. However, as soon as the budget recital finishes, social media is usually rife with various questions. As a provider of unique financial solutions, it is important to come up with a unique method to provide answers for the post-budget questions.

As the budget reading is a tedious yet important event that takes place, it is important to ensure that an interactive and innovative channel is selected to educate customers on the significant things that were proposed during the budget.


We followed a comprehensive strategy where the campaign was carried out in three phases.

At the initial development stage, the bot was programmed with a structured breakdown of the broad areas of the annual budget where the usual topics that are discussed during the budget were fed to the bot.

The second phase was the ‘bot training phase’ where the bot was fed with information that were discussed and proposed at the budget recital. New information was fed to ensure that the questions asked were answered in real time successfully.

The third phase was where the bot was optimized to provide solutions according to the different variations an individual could ask a single question. After optimization, the bot was thereafter intelligent enough to provide answers to different variations of a single question.


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