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Hiring for a workplace that does not exist

Orient finance is an enterprise who provides unique financial solutions to their customers.
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The process of recruitment can be a long and tedious. From the advertising to going through resumes to the background checks to everything else, it is undoubtedly a time consuming task. Even after the process of recruitment, finding space for new staff and inducting them could be a difficult task altogether. However, the process of recruitment cannot be eliminated.

However, with the advancement of technology and digitization of ordinary activities, one could always wander and look for solutions to make this time consuming task more efficient and less tedious. For this, a transformational digital recruitment strategy is required to trigger the interest of potential customers


We followed a strategy where we created a virtual branch and went in search of potential employees who are interested in such ventures. This was an effective way to get outstation candidates and people with the relevant expertise to apply and and get hired.

We used facebook as our main platform for this campaign and we used tactics such as geo targeting to deliver the campaign based on the location of the target groups.