Making Fridays feel even better

Citizens Development Business Finance (CDB) is a leading finance company that offers financial services to foster entrepreneurial innovation and workmanship towards developing the economy of the country.

Any company needs to focus on various methods to ensure the constant growth and development. To achieve this, it is important to move away from traditional approaches and try something unique in order to target a new segment of potential customers. Without promoting a financial services, creating awareness on a brand using other techniques becomes important in order to ensure that the old-fashioned approaches are no longer followed.


The dawning of the digital era created a need for every enterprise to go digital in terms of their promotions and communications.

It was important to come up with a technique that does not promote any particular product or service but creates awareness about the brand. To serve the purpose, CDB had a need to target SMBs by creating awareness about their businesses to give them a boost. As there is a considerable number of budding SMBs around the country, it is important foster entrepreneurial innovation.


When CDB came to us with a need to target SMBs, we proposed a unique idea called SMB Friday. This campaign not only provided CDB to achieve their objective, it also provided SMBs an opportunity to expand their presence and be known among people. Our unique and innovative solution helped to bridge the corporate-social gap successfully.