We don’t have clients

We have a belief network

We were just an idea at one point and using the lean start up principles we managed to quickly test and asses the market potential and understand where the gaps were. There were plenty of agencies offering ‘digital marketing services’ and exploiting brands by offering vanity metrics such as getting ‘more likes’. We used to be clients at one point, employed by some of the world’s best brands such as Intuit, WSO2, Leo Burnett and AirFrance-KLM. But we felt we could do things differently and enfection was born to provide true virality to the marketing fraternity.  

We keep learning, experimenting and in return educating brands and users on digital. We help them mine digital opportunities and most importantly we do things that impacts their bottom line. We are big on analytics and mapping of the end to end customer journeys as well as funnels and optimising them using the latest CRO (conversion rate optimisation) techniques.

So if you feel like going on a digital journey with us and learn about your customers and help them achieve their objectives, do give us a shout. We might be the partner you never knew you ever had!

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